The following are questions recently submitted to us. 

Q. Hi, I’m interested in joining you on the Bayswater Road. I’m a watercolourist.
I wondered if you could give me some idea what its like, and if you think it would be worth my while.
Just general info., really.

A. Well painted and neatly presented  watercolours in popular subjects do sell at Bayswater Road. Exhibiting can be fun, exciting, boring, busy and quiet often all in the same day. We advise you visit us to see for yourself, and experience Bayswater Road as a visitor first.  Have a chat with Haydn Dickenson on pitch 260; he is Secretary of the Bayswater Road Artists' Association (BRAA).  He can give you all the information and advice about exhibiting, and how to go about it.  His email is below.

Q. Can you send me a fact sheet?

A. Yes, though it's much better if you visit the exhibition and talk things over with some of the artists and the BRAA Secretary - his contact email is secretary.bayswaterartists@gmail.com

Q. I want to start straight away - how long does it take to get a pitch?

A. There is currently no waiting list so often it's less than a month to get started. Exhibiting at Bayswater Road is a commitment of time and energy as with any endeavour. Successful artists attend every Sunday whatever the weather.  They arrive early and stay late, even when it is cold!  To be successful, an artist must persevere and not despair when they do not sell, but constantly try to raise their standards.  

Q. I only want to exhibit when the weather is nice? 

A. Then this exhibition is not really for you.  To exhibit at Bayswater Road Art Exhibition you must have a permanent licence from Westminster City Council and you will have to pay for your pitch every Sunday, whatever the weather. This is payable whether you attend or not.

However there are alternative venues in London which may be more suited to your needs.    "Galleries" magazine is a good place to see which galleries specialise in the different styles of art. You can find them online.

Q. I am a photographer/digital artist, can I apply to exhibit at Bayswater Rd?

A. No - no prints of any kind are permitted.

Q. Are you open Easter Sunday?

A. Yes, every Sunday.

Q. I was on Bayswater Road last Sunday and couldn't find you. Am very disappointed!

A.  Bayswater Road runs from Marble Arch to Notting Hill, but the exhibition only begins opposite Lancaster Gate tube station near the Marlborough Gate park entrance, running westwards all the way to Queensway tube station.  


Q. Hi, just wondering what time the exhibition starts on a Sunday?

A. Artists are setting up from 8am to 10am as they arrive from all over the country!

Q. Is it cash-only for purchases, or are cards accepted?

A. Many artists now offer a chip-and-pin card-payment facility. There are plenty of ATM cash machines around and about too.