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Pitch 260
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Haydn Dickenson was born in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom where he still lives and works.

The Russian Artist Dasha Balashova has written about Haydn's artwork: "The Art of Haydn Dickenson is like a true symphony, whose depth in all its diverse movements, inner 'nerve', expressive energy, live creative impulse, artistic passion and constant search take us beyond reality into spheres of the infinite. These are works that resonate with the heartbeat of life."

A visit to Pitch 260 on the Bayswater Road will take you to a dynamic and vibrant display. Haydn's work includes rapid nude sketches in graphite, ink and watercolour, which you can thumb through in a browser-rack. Hanging on the railings is abstracted nude work in oils and acrylic, together with more overtly free pieces in which collage and mixed media collaborate in a suggestive dance of colour, texture and form. Haydn’s style is sometimes urgent and vital, at others times meditative and searching. He is inspired by the Natural World, and by Humanity, Mysticism and Spirituality. Musical references also appear – Haydn’s former career was as a Concert Pianist. You can also browse through a selection of the Artist’s handmade original greetings cards, ideal for that special occasion.

Haydn’s work is present in private collections across Europe, Asia and the US. He has exhibited widely in the UK and France.